​​​​​​​​​​Protouch, over the past 28 years, has served golfers from across India.  Golfers have made Protouch India’s leading lone stop golf solutions company and its time to payback to all the patrons who have got us where we are today. Protouch has been the leading Golf Academy in Eastern India and has also been awarded as the best Golf Academy in India. Protouch is now proud to offer a unique program with special benefits keeping our most loyal golfers who are associated with our academy in mind. The loyalty card issued by Protouch offers various benefits and discounts in the associated places to the loyalty card holders.

In order to be eligible for the loyalty card programme:

  • A junior enrolled in the programme must have been associated with Protouch for last 2 years (must have paid 6 months fees for the current programme else the cost for the card will be Rs.5000).
  • All tour players registered for IGU Eastern India Amateur Golf Feeder tour.