Protouch and Shyamali Bhalotia Memorial Trust

‘Vision 2014’ is a special programme launched at the academy where the 50 most talented juniors are being selected and trained so that we could produce another national champion by the year 2014 from a family which has no member from any golf club or has had no connection with golf before. The under privileged children are being provided with free clothes, food, equipment, coaching and everything required to turn them into champions. Ek Prayasan NGO is partnering the programme.



Mr U Kejriwal
Mr D. Tandon
Mr S. Basu

The foundation was launched 6 years back, to help underprivileged and talented juniors to pursue their dreams in making a career in sports. They are being provided with basic education, top of the line coaching, financial support, apparel and incentives, nutrition and meals thereby giving them a chance to let their talent lead them to a better life. The programme has the support of the IGU East Zone Junior programme.

The programme schedule is as follows:

Golf classes 2 times a week (the students get allowance for every class attended plus meals as an incentive).

On course practice once a week.

We plan to coach these juniors for one year after which we will be sending them out to play national events. We are looking to the top corporate houses, banks and other institutions to provide us with sponsorships to make this programme a bigger success. Tutul Ali won the All India juniors at the RCGC in 2008. Samaresh Sardar beat seeded players in the East India Amateur and our junior team consisting of Tutul Ali, Samaresh Sardar, Imran Ali and Tinku Halder won the division B prize in the Tolly Cup which had over 550 participants.

Please contact Indrajit Bhalotia on 9007707007 or email us at

We look forward to your support and we shall keep you updated on the progress of these talented youngsters.

We thank the following people/organisation for supporting our cause:

Mr Vikram Singh, Mrs Vidya Madappa, Mr Abhishek Sarda, Mr Ishaan Kanoi, Mr L B Singh, Mrs. R Tandon, Mrs.Vineeta Gupta, Mr Gaurav Bhoopal, Mr Mondal, Mr Madhav Adige, Mr Prabhdev Singh, Mr B K De, Ms Shukla Sen