Eligibility: Juniors boys above the age of 13 to amateurs of any age. 

Tee: Combination of blue and white tees


Eligibility: Gentlemen above age 35. 

Tee: Combination of blue and white tees. 


Eligibility: Gentlemen above age of 50. 

Tee: Yellow tees

Super Seniors

Eligibility: Gentlemen above age 60. 

Tee: Yellow tees


Eligibility: Open Category

Tee: Red tees

The IGU Eastern India Amateur Golf Feeder Tour is probably the most exciting thing to have happened to golf in India in recent times. In the past there have only been professional, junior and amateur tours which have all been played by young and aspiring professionals or amateurs waiting to turn professional. This tour, under the ages of IGU, will give an opportunity not only to amateurs but also to golfers above the age of 35, 50 and even 60. The points earned will be recognized by the IGU and top rank players will get an opportunity to qualify for various events and may even get an opportunity to qualify for the National Team.

 All events will be over two days and without any handicap. For youngsters and aspiring professionals, this tour will be a stepping stone and for golfers who are 35, 50, and 60 and above, it will be an opportunity to relieve their dreams of playing competitive golf without sacrificing their careers. This tour will be closest a club golfer can get to a no-nonsense and no-frills competitive professional tour. Golfers will be playing on gross score and top 20 players in each category will be earning points.