Indrajit Bhalotia and his Protouch team built an exquisite Golf Course in Ahmedabad from scratch.

Building Golf Courses: Glade One 


The Tolly Airtel Golf Centre was conceived and designed from scratch by Indrajit Bhalotia and the Protouch team. It is one of the best golf academies in India.


The Course Layout

The marvellous Gary Player design Golf Course at Glade One, Ahmedabad is the new destination for Golf enthusiast from all over the country.

The Proshop

Entire Stock order,  Billing software setup, interior planning at Glade One is managed by Protouch.

Building Driving Range

Glade One Golf Team

Entire staff body was managed and organized by Protouch team under the guidance of Indrajit Bhalotia.
Protouch, has successfully launched the Glade One Golf Course on 16th-17th April, 2016 with 200 golfers from the city enjoying their round on the course for the first time.

The Driving Range

The Driving range was conceptualised by Protouch  and is equipped with artificial hitting turf and state of the art coaching studio.