CFL Academy

Facilitating the Great Indian Sports Story

CFL Academy has been conceptualized to enable young sportspersons to pursue their passion with obsession.

Our objective is to prepare future champions for their examinations, graduation, life skills and also add value to their sports training.

This course will offer skills that even conventional schooling fails to provide to an athlete for their conduct and survival.

Sad but true ….

Thousands of potential sports superstars do not
even get to the stage where they can showcase 
their talent – they are forced to choose 
academics over sports.

CFL Academy – facilitating the Great Indian 
Sports Story CFL Academy has been 
conceptualized to enable young sportspersons 
to pursue their passion with obsession.

Our mission is two-fold 

1. Support budding athletes by creating an 
ecosystem that addresses their need to garner 
for themselves a recognized qualification 
-school and bachelors –  while they pursue 
excellence in their sport.  

2.Prepare youngsters for life as sportspersons 
and for life after sports by imparting training 
in life skills.CFL will guide and coach the 
young athletes for their National Open School 
or IGNOU courses. The tuition modules and 
classes would be tailored according to 
the specific needs of the course and designed to 
optimize both time and effort.  

The life skills and personal brand management 
would help the students in their sporting lives and in life outside and after sports. 

Our Objective

Champ for Life Academy