​​Protouch began its journey as an apparel brand.  From its inception, the founder Indrajit Bhalotia had a vision to become the number 1 golf solution company in India. Golf was yet to see revolution in the 90’s. It was hardly accessible and rather exclusive. But the young pro golfer was determined to be the wave of change that the country needed in terms of this elite sport.

Thus, began a struggle to set things right. Protouch transpired into sectors beyond luxury apparel. Protouch became the first golf academy of Eastern India and combined the latest technological developments in sports science with the best coaching. However, Protouch was not just a revolution in terms of its extraordinary golf schooling. We extended the opportunity, to thousands of people, to be a part of the golfing fraternity.We brought golf to the masses.

Protouch also offers its expertise to different golf courses via facility management. For more than 30 years, Protouch has been influencing, inspiring and rejuvenating the addiction of this beautiful sport and its effects on and course and beyond